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Fantasy Flight Games Posts New Fully Operational Star Wars RPG Preview

A good friend of mine used to be a combat engineer. That is to say that he blew up bridges for a living for a while. In the Star Wars universe, the Rebellion especially needs members who are force-equalizers like that, willing to go and take out the enemy's ability to fight and get around. That's where Sappers and such come in. And if you play the Star Wars RPG from Fantasy Flight, you can make your character into one of those with the Fully Operational sourcebook.

From the preview:

The battlefields of the galaxy are no place for the weak-willed. Warriors of countless species charge into war against the Empire oftentimes armed with with little more than a blaster, a grenade, and a stone-carved resolve. Fully Operational, the Engineer's sourcebook for your games of Star Wars™: Age of Rebellion, provides players and gamemasters with a trove of information about Engineers, those brave Rebels who provide an additional level of support for the cause with their technical skills and talents. The needs of the Rebel Alliance change daily, and Engineers must be ready to apply their knowledge in whatever capacity is necessary; creation and destruction are just two sides of the same credit chip.