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Fantasy Flight Games Posts New For Cyphers and Masks Sourcebook for Star Wars RPG

Information is everything. Being informed of the situation at hand, especially in something as chaotic as a warzone can mean the difference between victory and defeat. And when an enemy is captured, getting accurate information from them is a good skill to have. Such is what you'll be doing as an Interrogator in the Star Wars RPG. They're getting new options in the upcoming Cyphers and Masks sourcebook from Fantasy Flight Games. They've posted up a preview you can check out.

From the preview:

The battles that spies fight are often chosen by the enemy. Almost entirely across the board, their goal is to covertly gain access. Spies may spend their entire professional lives in situations where discovery means death because that is where the targets are. Computer networks. Assassination targets. Classified locations. Even secrets that only exist inside someone’s actual brain. Were it easy to get to these things, spies would be unnecessary.

Cyphers and Masks, an upcoming sourcebook for Star Wars™: Age of Rebellion, expands the scope of responsibility and capability of the Spy career for both players and gamemasters.