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Fantasy Flight Games Posts New Doom Board Game Preview

One of the other big announcements from Fantasy Flight Games at Gen Con this past year was that they're coming out with a new Doom board game. In it, a squad of 1-4 space marines will be taking on hordes of demons out in the depths of space. I know I played the hell out of the video game back in the 90s. Now that nostalgia will be coming to tabletops worldwide. In this preview, we get a look at what options the Marine players will have available to them.

Seeing as how they'll be heavily outnumbered, the marines will have to work together in order to survive. Each one is a little bit different, with different special abilities and armaments. One thing they do all have in common though is that they know when to get the heck out of Dodge, should the situation seem a bit too dire. As such, they can all sprint at the cost of discarding a card from their hand. One thing to note is that the game scales differently based on how many Marines there are. If there's four, the game runs "normally." But if the squad is down a few players, the marines get beefed up in return. For example, if there's only one going against the demon hordes, they get two activations a turn, as well as two actions during those activations, plus a larger hand size.

Doom should be hitting store shelves in just a couple of weeks.