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Fantasy Flight Games Posts New Dawn of Rebellion Sourcebook Preview

Game sourcebooks for your RPGs are all about options. They give GMs new places that they can steer the game. There's new types of gear that the PCs can get. There's new monsters the PCs can fight. There's new things that the PCs can incorporate into their characters. The Dawn of Rebellion sourcebook coming for the Star Wars RPG look at a new era of the Star Wars saga, taking place right between the events of the Prequels and the classic Trilogy. In this preview, get a look at some of the new options that will be made available.

From the post:

As the first sourcebook of its kind, and one focused on a different point in time than presented in the core rulebooks, Dawn of Rebellion is all about context. This context informs what connections the player characters will have to each other and their galaxy, and this is reflected in a heap of new options that are inspired by many of the iconic characters introduced in Star Wars Rebels™ and Rogue One: A Star Wars Story™.

While these works are primarily focused on the military aspects of the Star Wars™ saga and would take place in a Star Wars: Age of Rebellion™ setting, considering the individual stories of these characters should give ample inspiration to be housed in Edge of the Empire™ or Force and Destiny™. Jyn Erso was little more than a criminal after being abandoned and then rescued by the Rebellion. Chirrut Imwe’s path of devotion to the Force may have taken him far from the temple on Jedha had events unfolded differently. Hondo Ohnaka (probably) doesn’t spend all of his time swindling Rebel cells into helping him acquire plunder and then escape to plunder another day. The adventurous lives of characters we see on the screen for only a short time can point towards campaigns in Edge of the Empire or Force and Destiny, or even finding where the intersections of those themes create some of the most memorable and beloved Star Wars stories!

As such, the Dawn of Rebellion sourcebook contains an unprecedented six universal specializations designed to bolster any character’s abilities while also providing a strong narrative link to that character’s backstory and future. Four new species choices, each with unique traits and histories describing their place in the galaxy, also contribute to a richer game setting for players and gamemasters to explore.