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Fantasy Flight Games Posts New Blood Bound Preview

When vampire clans fight, things can get really, really messy in a hurry. When the Gargoyle and Phoenix clans clashed, it nearly wrecked them both. This caused the Secret Order to realize that having hidden Inquisitors in the various clans, tasked with keeping their numbers in check, was a good idea. And if the Inquisitors sewed some chaos as they went along, well, that's just all part of the fun. Get a look at how these Inquisitors work in this preview of Blood Bound from Fantasy Flight Games.

From the post:

The conflict was inevitable, really. Ever since the insidious Gargoyle clan began conscripting more heavily, the cunning Phoenix clan had to keep pace. As a result, both clans swelled in number and territory too quickly, causing mistrust, infighting, and betrayal. The ensuing war destroyed countless immortals, and each clan’s losses were so great that the clan leaders were forced into hiding.

Only a few lucky souls managed to escape the carnage. Now, both clan leaders seek to gather the remnants of their sects. But who is a friend, and who a foe? As the conflict continues, the Secret Order works to maintain balance. If they must, they will send in an Inquisitor to prevent either clan from having an unfair advantage, keeping the numbers of each clan even. Still, their role does not prevent them from sowing a little extra chaos for their own enjoyment. As you search to find your hidden clan members and single out your enemies, Fantasy Flight Games is pleased to offer you a closer look at the Inquisitors of Blood Bound!