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Fantasy Flight Games Posts Mission: Red Planet Preview

There's a good chance we'll have people walk on Mars at some point in our lifetime. What will they find when they get there? Sure, we've got those couple rovers on the surface and some probes flying around, but that's no real substitute for several people going around and seeing what's up. And while Mission: Red Planet might not be considered a hyper-realistic simulation of what obstacles will face those that end up on Mars, but playing it can't hurt to have on your resume when you put in your application for the future space mission.

In this preview for the game, FFG looks at how you go about accomplishing your goals of mining minerals on the planet. In business, there are good and bad. You're going to have to deal with nice guys and nefarious ne'er-do-wells. You're also going to come across things exploring the new planet that you might not have planned for. Will these discoveries throw you off the track or will it be the windfall that you were actually looking for?