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Fantasy Flight Games Posts How To Play Video For Star Wars: Destiny

We've been getting Star Wars: Destiny previews for a while now. We've seen what the different colors of cards mean, and a bit about the dice a long time ago. But we've never really gotten it all put together as to how the game actually works. If you've been astute and really read into the different articles, I'm sure you could've figured most of it out, but Fantasy Flight is here to help with any missing bits by post up a Learn to Play article and video about the game.

The article starts with some of the very basics, including your starting team. Characters are either unique or non-unique. Non-unique have a single point cost. Unique have two, a normal and elite versions. The elite version gives you an extra character die for that character. Characters are also Heroes or Villains. You can only have one or the other on your team and in your deck (along with neutral cards in your deck). Also, we've seen that cards come in one of three colors (blue, red, and yellow). You can only have cards in your deck the same colors as cards you have on your starting team. So if you only have red characters, you can only have red cards in your deck, for example. Decks are also limited to exactly 30 cards. Also, you can only ever have 2 copies of a card in your deck. Beyond that, it's up to you what you want to use to enhance your characters.