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Fantasy Flight Games Posts Elder Sign: Omens of the Deep Preview

Fantasy Flight Games Posts Elder Sign: Omens of the Deep Preview

I have to admit something: I never want to go out into the ocean. There’s just too many things out there in it that I don’t know anything about and it kinda creeps me out. Simply not for me. That sort of fear of the water can be brought right to my tabletop, if I so fee, with Omens of the Deep, the upcoming expansion for Elder Signs, of which Fantasy Flight has posted a preview.

From the website:

Dr. Mason Phillips has been given a mysterious amulet by the sole surviving member of an ill-fated expedition in the Pacific Ocean. The amulet beckons to the doctor’s long obsession with the lost city of R’lyeh, and he has decided to unearth the source of whatever weird forces resonate with the amulet’s jewel. Accordingly, Doctor Phillips has chartered a fine ship, gathered an eclectic team of investigators, and has provided what clues he can in order to help these brave souls face the dark forces that lay across their path.

Join the hunt for the city of R’lyeh in Elder Sign: Omens of the Deep, an expansion for the cooperative dice game Elder Sign. In this preview, we’ll be looking at the vessel that will carry your team of investigators into the unexplored reaches of the Pacific Ocean, we’ll get a first look at the creatures that dwell in those waters, and we’ll read what the troubled sponsor of this expedition, Dr. Mason Phillips, has to say about a few of his new compatriots.