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Fantasy Flight Games posts a Preview the Mercenary Faction in Imperial Assault

Fantasy Flight Games gives us another look inside Imperial Assault with a look at some of the Mercenary faction.


From the post:

Command the massed forces of the Galactic Empire in Imperial Assault, an upcoming board game of Star Wars adventure and combat for two to five players. When you play as the Imperial player, you must crush the upstart Rebellion that plagues the galaxy, and to do that, you can hire the galaxy’s least savory beings to finish the job.

Imperial Assault invites you to experience your battles and adventures in two complete games. The campaign game allows you to explore an expanding story, weaving an engaging narrative with story missions and side missions as every character gains new skills and abilities. The skirmish game, on the other hand, offers two players the chance to muster unique armies before doing battle over conflicting objectives in a test of tactical acumen.

In past previews, we’ve looked at the might of the Empire in the campaign game. We previewed the Imperial figures and we explored the threat, Class cards, and agendas that the Imperial player can take advantage of. Today, we turn to those who will fight alongside the Empire if the price is right – the Mercenary figures in Imperial Assault!