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Fantasy Flight Games posts A Preview of the StarViper Expansion Pack for X-Wing

Fantasy Flight Games gives us a look inside the Star Viper expansion pack for the X-Wing Miniatures Game in this preview.


From the post:

In the sixth wave of starship expansions for X-Wing™, the galaxy’s Scum and Villainy take to the stars to defend their territory and their profits. They head to battle in starships loaded with illicit tech, and their pilots number among the galaxy’s most skilled and cutthroat mercenaries. Still, these Scum don’t pose a threat to the game’s Rebels and Imperials because of their technology and their mercenaries; they’re a threat that the other factions cannot ignore because their leaders are incredibly skillful and cunning individuals with insatiable ambitions…

For example, the StarViper Expansion Pack introduces the new StarViper-class attack platform, a deadly starship whose story begins with the ambitions of Prince Xizor.