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Fantasy Flight Games posts A Preview of the Imperial Raider Expansion Pack for X-Wing

Fantasy Flight Games knows the Imperial players for their X-Wing Miniatures Game are chomping at the bit to get their hands on the new Imperial Raider expansion. Too long have the Rebels been laughing with their Corellian Corvette and Medium Transports on the table. Well, time is coming soon, and the Imperial Raider will be making its way to your tabletops in due time. So you can get some strategies put together in the meantime, Fantasy Flight is showing off some of the cards that come in the box. There are several crew members, including Grand Moff Tarkin, and some new equipment upgrades like the Quad Laser Cannon. You can check them all out below the cut.

From the post:

Last April, the release of the Rebel Transport Expansion Pack marked the introduction of the Epic Play format to X-Wing™. Permitting the use of the GR-75 medium transport and other huge starships too large for Standard Play, X-Wing Epic Play raises the stakes of your Star Wars space battles. Even as your starfighters weave through asteroids, trying to acquire target locks, and blast each other to smithereens, you and your opponent can also field the sort of ships used to transport stolen plans, conduct diplomatic missions, and carry troops to or from embattled planets.

In many ways, X-Wing Epic Play features everything that a Star Wars fan could hope to find in a miniatures game: fast-paced action, dramatic turns of events, iconic heroes and villains, exquisitely detailed miniatures, and large-scale campaigns that immerse you in ongoing struggles of immense scope and purpose. Still, since last April, many players felt there was one key, missing element – an Imperial counterpart to the Rebellion's huge ships.

Now, however, we draw closer to the arrival of that first Imperial huge ship. Announced last December, the Imperial Raider Expansion Pack will soon allow Imperial players to engage Rebel fleets in Epic Play the way that they long believed they should, not just with swarms of TIEs, but with a massive, intimidating presence and overwhelming volleys of laser fire.