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Fantasy Flight Games posts a Preview of Scenario Creation in BattleLore Second Edition

Fantasy Flight Games has posted up a preview for BattleLore Second Edition that shows how armies figure out what their objective is in the game as well as where they can deploy.


From the post:

Fantasy Flight Games recently announced the upcoming release of BattleLore Second Edition, a two-player board game of unit-based fantasy battles in Terrinoth. In every game, you will take command of an army and attempt to lead them to victory. By carefully forging your battle plans, you can deliver the best orders to your troops and defeat your enemies on the field of battle.

Without the necessary forethought, though, you may find yourself entering the battle at a disadvantage. Tough choices and opportunities for customization abound, and in this preview, we’ll examine your setup choices and the impact they have on the game, alongside the potential of campaign play!