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Fantasy Flight Games Operation Cerberus Premium Edition Now Available

Fantasy Flight Games announces Operation “Cerberus” Premium, is available from their webstore:

From their post:

England is under siege in the latest Dust Tactics Premium expansion, Operation “Cerberus” Premium. The Axis powers have secured an entry point to England and the Allies must scramble to defend every square inch of the British Isles. Blutkreuz Korps has dispatched the deadly assassin Angela to wreak havoc on its enemies. Meanwhile, the one of ASOCOM’s top agents, The Chef, has reportedly been cooking up some plans of his own. Get into the battle now with Operation “Cerberus” Premium, which is available from our webstore.

Operation “Cerberus” Premium includes two superbly painted miniatures to add to your Dust Tactics Premium collection. An impressive markswoman armed with a sniper rifle that can destroy armored vehicles, Angela is a force to be reckoned with on the field of battle. Although fragile, when paired with a spotter she deals out massive amounts of damage. The Chef prefers to get up close and personal with his dual flamers. He can produce a frightening two flamethrower attacks per turn, and even more when he leads a squad. With so many flamethrower attacks, The Chef and his squad can take down almost any unit in close quarters.