Fantasy Flight Games looking for playtesters for Dark Heresy Second Edition

By Polar_Bear
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Jul 24th, 2013

Fantasy Flight Games is looking for playtesters who want to try out their new Dark Heresy Second Edition.

From the post:

In 2008, Games Workshop delivered Dark Heresy to wild success, introducing a game in which players take on roles as Acolytes of an Inquisitor, standing at the front line of a great and secret war to root out threats that imperil all of humanity. Soon after, Fantasy Flight Games acquired the game license, and since then has continued the line with Rogue Trader, Deathwatch, Black Crusade, and Only War.

Now, Fantasy Flight Games is proud to announce Dark Heresy Second Edition, with updated rules, character options, and game play…and you’re invited to participate in the beta! As Acolytes (or even as Inquisitors), the Player Characters in Dark Heresy Second Edition will bring the light of the Emperor to the far reaches of the galaxy.

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  • fritsk

    Will this mean they’ll reboot the whole system, or will this be compatible so we can use old source books with the new edition and new source books with the old edition? I am always a bit suspicious when a RPG publisher announces a new edition.

    • KMANT

      I’d second you on that and it would be really nice if the books weren’t all made redundant.

      Hopefully they’ll just tidy it up a bit and maybe roll in some of the sourcebooks like the ones for higher levels and so on.

      I appreciate that they kind of took this over from Black Industries and maybe want to make it their own, but it does feel a bit like a money grab. This is fine, they’re a business and you can expect new editions for RPG’s, but Dark Heresy still feels quite young at 5 years old.

      The current Call of Cthulhu was 9 before the recent relaunch… maybe Fantasy Flight will go down the Kickstarter route too 🙂

      I hope they don’t go too radical. I really don’t like what they did to Warhammer Fantasy Roleplay with all the cards and so on. It took up a lot more table space and I’m pretty sure a lot of game groups are the same as mine on the food and drink front too. Character sheets get tatty over time with crisp dust, sweet fingers (not a relative of Soulfinger!) and cup marks, but they’re replaced with a simple photocopy or print. I could never really get into the idea of giving my players high quality cards to taint.

      • KMANT

        Reading the text on the Fantasy Flight games website makes things a bit clearer, but not as much fun as reacting to half informed assumptions 🙂

        Apparently they’re updating it to bring it in line with the other games Rogue Trader, Deathwatch and Only War. Though it does also sound like they’re going to make some changes to the system too.

        It’s nice that they’re offering it out for play test though and a discount on the PDF if you sign up.


    Sorry, that last bit was meant to be:

    “It’s nice that they’re offering it out for play test though, but a bit cheeky you have to pay even with a discount on the PDF if you sign up.”

    That’ll teach me for replying on my phone 🙂

  • KelRiever

    Good. Hopefully that means I can get ‘first’ edition books cheaper, if I want them. Because they work just fine. Playing a campaign now and its got a good GM (which you really need with any rpg)