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Fantasy Flight Games gives us a look into the gameplay for X-Wing

Fantasy Flight Games has a new article up that gives us a look into the gameplay of their upcoming Star Wars: X-Wing miniatures game.

From the article:

Squadrons of pilots head to their fighters. As the Rebel Alliance puts its faith in the young men and women piloting its X-wings into battle, the Galactic Empire launches its fleet, and hundreds of TIE fighters fly in formation around the larger capital starships. Huddled in their cockpits, TIE pilots scan the expanses of space for any threat to Galactic rule. Confrontation is imminent.

Now, as we wait eagerly for its upcoming release, we’ll take a look at the game through a series of previews on how the design team brought X-Wing to life. In future previews, we’ll see how players can customize their own fleets, we’ll look at the different pilots and upgrades available in the Core Set and the first four expansion packs, and we’ll learn more about the process of designing the game’s detailed miniatures. Today, we’ll kick off our X-Wing previews with a look at the game’s dramatic dogfights!