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Fantasy Flight Games' Deathwatch: The Emperor's Chosen is Now Available Via Download

Fantasy Flight Games has put their Deathwatch: The Emperor's Chosen 40k RPG book up online for your downloading and playing pleasure.

From the announcement:

The will of the Emperor sends the Deathwatch through the most deadly regions of space, including the Jericho Reach, where the Deathwatch currently guards the universe as a sword against the darkness. The service of the Emperor is grim and dangerous, and only a few attain the honor of becoming a veteran of the Deathwatch. Those who survive are truly chosen by the Emperor.

The Emperor’s Chosen, a new supplement for Deathwatch, is now available for download at and! With it, you and your Battle-Brothers can experience the full weight of glory and responsibility laid upon the shoulders of those who have become Deathwatch veterans.