Fantasy Flight Games Announcing New Star Wars Product This Friday

By Polar_Bear
In Fantasy Flight Games
Aug 28th, 2017

It seems that the announcement of Legion while at Gen Con wasn’t the only thing that Fantasy Flight Games has been working on. This upcoming Friday is Force Friday II, celebrating the impending release of The Last Jedi. All sorts of products related to the movie will be announced, and that includes something from Fantasy Flight Games. As if Fridays weren’t cool enough already.

From the announcement:

With the impending release of Star Wars™: The Last Jedi, Fantasy Flight Games is proud to announce their participation in Force Friday II with a new Star Wars product!

Fantasy Flight Games has produced a large array of Star Wars™ products, from the X-Wing™ Miniatures Game to Star Wars™: Destiny. Each of these games has not only provided fantastic play experiences, but has drawn tabletop gamers into the very essence of the Star Wars galaxy. Fantasy Flight Games is known for consistently bringing the thrilling feel of Star Wars to players’ table, whether it’s the Millennium Falcon punching through an Imperial blockade in a game of X-Wing, a small but effective team of Rebel operatives destroying a shield generator in Imperial Assault, or training with a lost Jedi master in Force and Destiny™.

Now, we are very excited to continue to bring this passion for the epic space saga by participating in Force Friday II, which is sure to be one of the biggest Star Wars events of the year.

Force Friday is a global fan event celebrating the release of Star Wars products, toys, collectibles, books, apparel, and more. This year, Force Friday is back in celebration of Star Wars: The Last Jedi products launching on September 1st. This year’s goal is to make Force Friday even bigger and better than ever with an unprecedented global augmented reality initiative: “Find the Force.” This Force Friday, fans are invited to aid the Resistance by taking part in an AR treasure hunt for data chips that hold information about key personnel. Fans can use the Star Wars app on their phones from September 1st to 3rd to unlock life-size AR characters developed by ILM.

Fans can share pictures and videos featuring the characters on social media for a chance to win a trip to the film premiere and product prize packages, including new Star Wars: The Last Jedi prizes.

Be sure to check out the Fantasy Flight Games website on September 1st for more information on this new product!


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  • crazytuco

    Are we sure that this isn’t an announcement outside of GenCon for Legion?

    • Well, the day is specifically set aside for products related to the new movie. Legion was the original trilogy (for the most part. There’s a 2-legged Rebel walker like we saw from the Prequels, but it wasn’t a Clone Trooper on it). So this could be new expansions to existing games based on The Last Jedi. Or a new stand-alone game of some kind (again, based on TLJ).

      • crazytuco

        The only reason I asked was the fact that they didn’t list Legion in along with their other SW titles in the second paragraph. But then again neither did they list Armada.

        My thought was that perhaps, as you say, it was a Last Jedi tie in for Legion, as companies often like to have the added press that comes along with something like that for a new product.

        Personally I’d love to see something new, but I’m not sure what that might be. FFG has pretty much all the bases covered when it comes to table top games using the Star Wars IP. About the only things they don’t have are a Star Wars farming game (Moisture-gricola?), a Star Wars train game (a crossover with Days of Wonder for the long-awaited Ticket To Ride: Coruscant?), and a Star Wars-Cthulhu survival game (Shadow Over Toshe Station?).

        • Also, I don’t think it’s /just/ for Legion, since they had that one back on the 18th on their site, along with the announcement at Gen Con. So coming back out with, “It’s Legion!” would be a bit redundant. But it could be a TLJ expansion for Legion, sure.

          • crazytuco

            Regardless of what it is, I’ll probably buy it. My Star Wars fandom is so shameful that I honestly would buy and play all three of those goofy game ideas I came up with. Especially Shadows over Toshe Station.