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Fantasy Flight Games Announces Wave 7 X-Wing Ships

Fantasy Flight Games has posted up their Wave 7 releases for X-Wing for you to look over and drool at. Those that aren't knowledgeable of the expanded universe might be a little lost looking over the ships, though. We've got the Hound's Tooth, K-Wing, Kihraxz Fighter, and TIE Punisher. There's something for each faction, though, which is good. Of course, there's plenty of extra equipment, crew, and other upgrade cards that, even if you're not interested specifically in the ships, you may want for your fleet.

From the preview:

The four new starship expansions in X-Wing Wave VII give the Scum and Villainy faction another powerful large-base ship, the YV-666 light freighter, as well as the versatile Kihraxz assault fighter. Meanwhile, the Rebel Alliance and Imperial Navy both gain powerful new bombers and munitions, as well as upgrades that enhance the lethality of their existing arsenals.