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Fantasy Flight Games Announces Warhammer Quest Card Game

Fantasy Flight Games has several products based on Games Workshop's Warhammer license. There's already the Warhammer: Invasion card game (along with some others). But that's an LCG. What if you want a stand-alone card game you can break out with friends and not have them need their own deck already constructed? That's where Warhammer Quest: The Adventure Card Game will come in.

You and your other heroes must delve into the dungeons beneath Schompf and defeat all manner of vile monsters and horrific creatures in order to discover the evil that lurks below. You must work together in your goal or you might end up simply as rat food.

You can expect to see Warhammer Quest: The Adventure Card Game coming to shops late in Quarter 3 of 2015. So it could start showing up in a month or so, give or take based on location.