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Fantasy Flight Games Announces Two New Runebound Expansions

The world of Terrinoth, in Runebound, is full of adventure, excitement, and really wild things. Each time you play, you take on the role of a great hero about to head out on a great adventure full of danger, but also filled with an opportunity for phat loots. And now you'll have even more options when you play with a couple new expansions that Fantasy Flight Games has announced.

The two sets are rather different. Caught in the Web is a new Scenario pack, which, obviously, gives you the option of a new scenario to play for the game. There's new cards for combat, exploration, and social encounters, as well as new story cards. Then there's The Gilded Blade, which is an Adventure Pack. This one gives you new asset and skill cards, expanding the options for your heroes. Speaking of, each one also contains a new hero that you can use.

Expect these sets to hit store shelves in the 3rd quarter of this year.