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Fantasy Flight Games announces the Imperial Raider for X-Wing

Fantasy Flight Games is bringing big ships to the Imperial side of X-Wing with the announcement of the Imperial Raider.

In the same league as the Corvette and the Medium Transport, the Imperial Raider is too big for standard play, in X-Wing, so the scale has been reduced so it can fit on the table. The piece is set for Cinematic and Epic play versions of the game.

Along with the Raider, you get a new TIE Advanced in the pack, plus a new set of scenarios to specifically show off the new ships.


From the preview:

Epic Play for the X-Wing™ miniatures game is about to get more epic…

Fantasy Flight Games is thrilled to bring you the all-new Raider-class corvette, a new Imperial ship for X-Wing Epic Play and a new addition to the Star Wars galaxy!

Designed in partnership with Lucasfilm Ltd. for use within the game’s Cinematic Play and Epic Play formats, the Raider-class corvette is the highlight of the upcoming Imperial Raider Expansion Pack.

Kuat Drive Yards began manufacturing the Raider-class corvette in 6BBY as a dedicated anti-fighter vessel after it was successfully pitched by Lira Wessex, the designer of the Imperial-class Star Destroyer. She recognized that the Imperial Navy lacked a small, modern craft to reinforce the TIE fighter squadrons deployed by Star Destroyers, and she designed the Raider-class corvette as a durable, 150m vessel that featured multiple hardpoints and would excel at suppressing Rebel fighter attacks.

Like the Rebellion’s huge ships, the GR-75 medium transport and CR90 Corellian corvette, the Raider is too big for Standard Play and the game’s standard 1/270 scale. Accordingly, the expansion’s Raider miniature is presented at a relative scale that makes it playable, even as it dwarfs the game’s small- and large-base ships.

In addition to the Raider-class corvette, the Imperial Raider Expansion pack also contains one TIE Advanced miniature with a variant paint scheme, eight ship cards, thirty-four upgrade cards, and all the maneuver dials, damage decks, tokens, and game pieces that you need to fly your Raider and its TIE Advanced escort. Finally, the expansion introduces a new campaign, The Will of the Empire, in which you’ll command a Raider-class corvette and run a prototype TIE Advanced through its test flights in the wild, lawless sectors of the Outer Rim.