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Fantasy Flight Games Announces The Harbinger expansion for Talisman

Fantasy Flight Games is bringing you another expansion for their Talisman board game. The Harbinger has come to the world of Talisman and brings with him omens of the end times. The Harbinger wanders the board, and if they're in your characters section, you draw from the peril-packed Harbinger deck instead of the regular deck of encounters. Will you be forced to use Cursed items? Will you be able to defeat the demons that tend to follow the Harbinger around? Can you stop the end times before it's too late?

From the post:

Doom approaches in The Harbinger, an upcoming expansion for Talisman 4th Edition. As dire omens fill the skies, demons roam the countryside, and plagues ravage civilization, the Harbinger wanders throughout the realm of Talisman, prophesying the imminent end of the world. If you encounter him, he may help you stave off the end of the world and let you peer into the future, or you may be attacked by demon horsemen and stalked by cursed followers.