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Fantasy Flight Games Announces The Force Awakens Beginners Game For The Star Wars RPG

May the 4th be with you.
Seems like a good time to have a couple Star Wars stories. We had the Imperial Assault one earlier. Now we've got one for the Star Wars RPG. Fantasy Flight Games is going to be coming out with a starter set for the game based on The Force Awakens. Apparently that was some sort of movie or something. You maybe have seen it.


The game starts you off on the planet Jakku, where various factions are looking for a very valuable item that is reportedly hidden on the planet. Will your characters get there first? What sort of dangers loom? How does a ball droid roll across sand so easily? We may never know.

The game is designed for starting players, complete with four pre-made characters. Of course, if you've played before, you can certainly use your own characters. This is designed to be a jumping-on point for those that have not tried the Star Wars RPG before. As such, it's written in a simple, "learn as you go" format.

Expect to see the Force Awakens Beginners Game on retailer shelves the third quarter of this year.