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Fantasy Flight Games Announces The Dreamlands Expansion for Eldritch Horror

Everyone has crazy dreams at times. I've had ones where I've been rollerskating around a college campus (that I know I've never been on), but I wasn't wearing roller skates. I was just sort of hovering above the ground, humming to myself as I went around, with people going, "the hell?" as I passed by. It really means nothing, but that's not the case in the world of Eldritch Horror. Dreams can be portents to the future (though I certainly hope mine was a portent of the future, as that'd RULE!). They can be doorways to alternate realities. They can be full of adventure, and of course, mind-bending and twisted terror and danger. You'll just have to explore it for yourself in The Dreamlands, a new expansion for Eldritch Horror announced by Fantasy Flight Games.


The Dreamlands set brings players a lot of new items for your game. There's 8 new investigators. One such, Luke Robinson, aka - the Dreamer, can traverse the Earth via gates to the dream world. He's also adept at closing off gates when necessary. But there's more than just new investigators. There's an entire side-board, filled with new locations and opportunities. Of course, new opportunities comes at the cost of new perils. Those come in the form of Altach-Nacha and Hypnos, two new Ancient Ones who are looking to do all sorts of nasty things in terms of infiltrating the world or simply destroying dreams forever.

The Dreamlands expansion will be hitting store shelves in the first quarter of next year.