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Fantasy Flight Games Announces The Chains That Rust Expansion and new Companion App For Descent

I've always been a fan of a nice walk through the fog. As a morning person, this gets to happen on several occasions. However, if that fog is filled with undead, it's not always such a good thing to be walking around in. However, walking around in it is just what your heroes in Descent must do when you play the new expansion, The Chains That Rust. Fantasy Flight has announced this new expansion that takes you deeper into the Mistlands, the domain of Waigar the Undying.
They're also helping out everyone play the game with a new Companion App.


This set, as mentioned above, continues the story of your adventure through the Mistlands, and can thus be seen as a sequel to the Mists of Bilehall set. But it's also a stand-alone, one-act campaign. There's new Tainted cards as well as a new Overlord class, which gives the Overlord player more options for stopping he heroes (not to mention 8 new minis to throw at them). Speaking of those heroes, they get the new Hybrid Classes, which meld two classes into one.

This set will be available in the 3rd quarter of this year.

But how about that Companion App? Well, let's check out a little video they made.

The biggest thing about the App is that it can take over for the Overlord player. That's right. No longer is one player singled out to run all the monsters, so Descent can be a fully-cooperative experience. Those monsters each have a unique battle plan. So different monsters will attack in different ways, meaning you have to always be adapting your plans to how they will come at you. The app also adds an air of mystery to the game, as it only shows a few tiles at a time on the board. Players will discover new locations as they enter new rooms and caverns (since only then will the new tile be placed). There's additional rules like Morale and Peril that will change up how you play. Die too many times or take too long getting through the quest... well, just don't die too many times or take too long to get through the quest!

The app is free to download, so why not give it a shot?

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