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Fantasy Flight Games Announces The Atlas of Rokugan For The Legend of the Five Rings RPG

Rokugan is a vast and magical place. Those that have played the Legend of the Five Rings RPG already know this. But what about getting maps of all those cities and lands all put into one place? That's what you'll be getting with the Atlas of Rokugan, which will be available next month.

The Atlas will bring together maps that had been spread across dozens of books. We all know what a hassle it can be to find the right map for the city you want to be gaming in. Now they'll all be collected in one location (a location of locations. Locationception?). You'll get maps of the various Great Clans' provinces, as well as various cities, castles, palaces, and other important places. Some of the buildings even have blueprints (for planning your ninja raids, for sure).

The Atlas will be available for digital download next month.