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Fantasy Flight Games Announces Star Wars: Armada Wave II Release Event

We've not been hearing much about Star Wars: Armada recently. It would seem that was due to a manufacturing issue that pushed the Wave II releases from 3rd quarter to 4th quarter. However, things seem to have worked themselves out and the latest sets will soon be making their way to your tabletops. Along with that, Fantasy Flight has announced their Massing Near Sullust Release Event.

During the event, players will play in a 3-round Swiss-style tourney using standard 300-point fleets. However, the final round, the top two players will square off, creating new 400-point forces that will use pieces from the Wave II releases. Those fleets must contain the new ISD or MC80 and one squadron from the Rogues and Villains pack. The winner will get first pick of the new releases.

The tourneys will take place from October 2nd through 4th. Contact your local retailer to see if they've got a tourney pack coming to them.