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Fantasy Flight Games Announces Special

One of my favorite characters I wish I'd had a chance to play back during the D20 days of the Star Wars RPG was a techie/gear-head character that loved to work on all sorts of gadgets. If it could be customized, it would be customized. If it could be upgraded, it would be upgraded. If you build it, they will come. Wait... wrong movie. Anyway, Fantasy Flight Games has announced a new supplement for their version of the game that will let you fiddle and tinker with every technical object in the galaxy.

The book includes new playable species, cybernetics, slicing tools, construction tools, and remotes. Of course, if you're going to be an inventor/builder, there needs to be rules for inventing and building Those are in here, too, for you to play around with. There's also new Specializations that you can use to further customize your character. Whether you want to work on droids, cybernetics, ships, or some other form of technology, there's ways you can make it your go-to skill.

Expect to see the book on store shelves in the first quarter of next year.