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Fantasy Flight Games Announces Operation Icarus for Dust Tactics

Fantasy Flight is taking to the skies with their new Operation Icarus expansion for Dust Tactics.

From the announcement:

Fantasy Flight Games is proud to announce the upcoming release of Operation “Icarus” for Dust Tactics!

While the battle for Zverograd continues to rage, the Allies seek to gain a firmer foothold and strengthen their presence in the area by launching a daring series of raids upon Zverograd’s Axis-controlled airfield. A critical step in Allied efforts to control Zverograd – and one necessary to pave the way for vital Allied air support – Operation “Icarus” is the first thrust of a major assault.

The Allies possess the largest air fleet on the planet. In the skies, their power is currently unmatched, and they know they have to maintain this supremacy in order to achieve global victory. However, in Zverograd, SSU attack helicopters harass ground troops, and new Axis jets cruise the skies. Each bloc realizes the importance of seizing the skies, so as the Allies prepare for their raids against Zverograd’s airfield, they’re bringing their best soldiers, toughest walkers, and deadliest new aircraft.