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Fantasy Flight Games Announces Nexus of Power Sourcebook for Star Wars RPG

There are all sorts of strange and mystical places scattered throughout the Star Wars galaxy. These are places where the Force concentrates itself (I guess there's just a lot of midchlorians in the air or something...). We got a glimpse of one of those places in Empire Strikes Back in the form of the Cave on Degobah. But that is far from being the only such Nexus of Power for the Force. It's such places that Fantasy Flight Games takes you in Nexus of Power (seems a good title) for the Star Wars RPG.

This 144 page book details various Nexuses (Nexusii? Nexusees?) of Power and how they fit into the game world. Some are relatively easy to access. Others have been quarantined off by the Empire. The book also has eight modular encounters for getting your players to such locations. There's new playable species, vehicles, gear, and new rules for creating Force-sensitive characters.

Expect the book to hit store shelves in the first quarter of 2016.