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Fantasy Flight Games Announces Next Star Wars: Armada Wave

There's some more ships coming out soon for Star Wars Armada, the fleet-combat game from Fantasy Flight. This time around, we're getting the Imperial Light Carrier as well as Hammerhead Corvettes. These ships might not be familiar to those that haven't watched some of the more-recent Star Wars movies (so... me), but they are featured in Rogue One.

From the announcement:

When the battles of Star Wars™: Armada start getting heated, shields begin to fail, and hulls creak and groan under the strain of repeated battering. It's at times like these that a fleet admiral's cunning may prove the difference between victory and a resounding defeat…

Fantasy Flight Games is proud to announce the sixth wave of Armada expansions!

Light on ships, but heavy on new ideas, Armada Wave VI features two expansions—the Imperial Light Carrier Expansion Pack and the Hammerhead Corvettes Expansion Pack. Inspired by Star Wars Rebels and Rogue One, the expansions give us three new ships—one Quasar Fire-class cruiser-carrier and two Hammerhead corvettes. While these are solid ships, they are by no means the biggest and baddest battleships you'll find in the Star Wars galaxy, but if you overlook the threats they pose? You do so at your peril.