Fantasy Flight Games announces new Wiz-War expansion

Fantasy Flight Games has announced Bestial Forces, a new expansion for Wiz-War.



From the announcement:

Fantasy Flight Games is proud to announce Bestial Forces, the second expansion for Wiz-War, a chaotic game of wizard duels and frantic spell-casting! Now, a horde of new creatures bursts into the labyrinth, bringing new levels of wild magic to Wiz-War.

You’ll find six unique creatures in this expansion, emerging from three brand-new schools of magic: Mythology, Totem, and Draconic. With new totem creations, powerful relics, and strange energies, Bestial Forces introduces new savagery as your wizards struggle for dominance. Today, Tom Jolly, the original designer of Wiz-War, introduces some of the cards and features you can look forward to in Bestial Forces.