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Fantasy Flight Games Announces New Star Wars: Destiny Boosters

Star Wars: Destiny is the new card and dice game from Fantasy Flight where players build their own fantasy team and attack their opponents using equipment and abilities taken from all over the Star Wars universe. The initial release was pretty well tied in with The Force Awakens. Well, we've had another Star Wars movie come out since then, and so Rogue One is getting a bit of a feature in these first new expansion packs.

From the announcement:

Fantasy Flight Games is proud to announce Spirit of Rebellion, the second set of booster packs for Star Wars™: Destiny!

The Star Wars saga has always centered on the timeless struggle between good and evil. At different points throughout the saga, evil may be lurking in the shadows or controlling an oppressive, galaxy-spanning Empire. Yet there must always be balance in the Force, and whenever the dark side rises, a spirit of rebellion begins to light the way forward.

With the new Spirit of Rebellion Booster Packs for Star Wars: Destiny, 160 brand-new cards enter the game, incorporating elements from every movie in the saga, but with a special focus on the newest Star Wars movie: Rogue One. You’ll find plenty of characters from Rogue One within this set, including Jyn Erso, Chirrut Îmwe, Mon Mothma, and Director Krennic, alongside other iconic characters from across the Star Wars story. The spirit of rebellion has ignited—prepare to bring the feverish battles and kinetic action of Rogue One to your games of Star Wars: Destiny!