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Fantasy Flight Games Announces New Game of Thrones Trivia Game

If you're like most of my friends, you've not just watched Game of Thrones on TV, you've friggin' studied that stuff. You go frame-by-frame, analyzing everything and anything. You know who stabbed whom, where they were stabbed on their person, where they were in the world when it happened, why the person was stabbed, how deep the blade went in, and exactly how much blood came spurting out of the wound. You quite possibly know the blacksmith that made the sword that did the stabbing. If you're like that, then Fantasy Flight Games has a new gamem for you. It's the Game of Thrones Trivia Game.


The game is more than just "look at card/answer question," though. No, it's a strategic match of wits as you try and outmaneuver your opponent, answering questions to gain influence in some of the key areas across Westeros. The game comes with 1,200 questions, spread across the first four seasons of the HBO show. The cards are marked by season, so if someone's not seen each one, you don't have to worry about forcing them to answer something or potentially spoiling something (for example, I've only seen Season 1, and only 1-time through :P ).

You can expect the game on store shelves in the first quarter of next year.