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Fantasy Flight Games Announces New Edition of Blood Bound

Occasionally, you look at a game and go, "you know, this game works just fine, but the art could use a bit of touching up." That's just what Fantasy Flight Games did with Blood Bound, their social game of vampire clans. They have announced that a new edition is coming out with all-new artwork. AKA - New Look! Same Great Taste!

From the announcement:
Fantasy Flight Games is proud to announce Blood Bound, a social game of deduction, bluffing, and vampire clans for six to twelve players!

For centuries, you and your kind have ruled the darkness, feeding wherever you chose and turning more and more humans to join your clans. But conflict became inevitable as the clans grew in number and broadened their territories, creating an atmosphere of festering mistrust and betrayal. The ensuing war destroyed countless immortals, and the clan leaders were forced into hiding. There are only remnants left, but the war is not over. You will not rest until you’ve destroyed your enemies forever.

In every game of Blood Bound, you and a few of your fellow players become a clan of vampires, working together to deduce the identity of your rival clan leader and capture him. Your adversaries—the other players—won’t be idle, however. They’re simultaneously working to identify and eliminate your clan’s leader. You must make your attacks carefully, but hunting in the dark is never as easy as it appears. In fact, you may not know your friends from your foes until it’s far too late.

Important note: This edition of Blood Bound features the same gameplay and mechanics as earlier versions of the game, but with completely new artwork and graphic design.