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Fantasy Flight Games Announces Malefic Curses, an Upcoming Expansion for Wiz-War

Fantasy Flight Games has announced that they'll be coming out with expansion to their popular Wiz-War game. This one's called Malefic Curses.

From the announcement:

Fantasy Flight Games is proud to announce Malefic Curses, a new expansion to the wizard duels and magical havoc of Wiz-War! Malefic Curses adds a fifth player to the battle, along with a new sector board and new portals. New schools of magic enter the playing field as well, allowing you to tap the fearful powers of Hexcraft, Necromancy, and Chaos. Hexcraft invites you to etch powerful runes in the paths of the maze, trapping those who dare to cross them. Necromancy offers a host of death-dealing tactics, and the powers of Chaos grow increasingly powerful, although they remain highly unpredictable.