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Fantasy Flight Games Announces Lead By Example, A New Age of Rebellion Sourcebook

I just started a new D&D campaign on Saturday. With the makeup of the party and the characters therein, my Battle Chef sort of became the de-facto leader of the group. That sort of things happens often. I was a group leader in my last Star Wars RPG I was in, though that was over a decade ago at this point. Now, if I were to play in another Star Wars RPG game, we'd probably be using the rules from Fantasy Flight. And if I were playing a leader-type character, they're coming out with a book that'd be seemingly all for me in Lead by Example.

This new 96-page guide is a career supplement for Commanders in the game. This will help both players create more customized characters with more options, as well as give GMs more tools for running Commander NPCs. But not everything in there is just single-character stuff. Star Wars is home to some dramatic massive battles that can be really difficult to figure out in a tabletop RPG. Well, this book will help with that sort of stuff as well. And for those that perform well in battle, there's a whole host of military decorations the players can aspire to get.

The book will be available in the first quarter of 2016.