Fantasy Flight Games announces Kessel Run prerelease event for X-Wing

By Polar_Bear
In Fantasy Flight Games
Nov 8th, 2012

Fantasy Flight Games had to push back the release of wave 2 of their X-Wing miniatures game to February, but they are still going to have a pre-release event for the game at certain retail locations.

From the announcement:

Retailers: Apply by November 15th to take advantage of a unique opportunity to make your store a hub of excitement for Star Wars: X-Wing™ Miniatures Game!

Due to a slight delay at the factory, the second wave of X-Wing expansions won’t be available until February. Fortunately, we were able to airship a limited number of these new expansion packs in order to make them available for a special preview event.

FFG’s Kessel Run preview event is an exclusive X-Wing tournament taking place December 14 – 16, and a limited number of retailers will have a chance to participate. This exclusive event will provide players their first opportunity to see some of their favorite new starships in action!

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  • Repeter

    I didn’t know these had been pushed back…it’s hard to keep a group going through delays on just the second waves of ships. My group has played the hell out of the small selection of ships available already. It is a more casual group, with me as the only ‘hardcore’ gamer. I’m used to this stuff, but they aren’t–one of them just asked me how two months is a ‘slight delay’…

  • The Grey Knight

    It was just announced yesterday the 2nd wave was being delayed until Feb.

  • SirAngry

    The delay will kill it dead round here. People are already asking when there will be more ships / missions. To many other cool products right now for me to spend my money on for me to be all that upset actually.

  • Well, at the very least, this had been a game I’ve been wanting to get a hold of since it came out at GenCon. A friend picked up a bunch there and we’ve been playing with his ships since then. TIE Interceptors are my 2nd favorite Imperial ship (behind TIE Bombers) and I was really looking forward to the Falcon as well. It was already tough to have to be waiting as long as we have for this expansion, just due to excitement. This was sort of a punch in the gut to know it was going to still be even longer a wait.

    • SirAngry

      Yep it was a limited first launch, and I think with this delay they will struggle to keep as many of the early adopters interested with this delay now announced. There’s only so many pitched battles and dodgy home brew missions you can play with the current crop on options before it send you into a catatonic state.

  • Marauder

    The delay is unfortunate, but hardly uncommon these days. 2 months is pretty small compared to what happened to some games (e.g. Leviathans).

    I realize this may cool some of the enthusiasm people have for it, but of all the “Space combat” type game forums I browse, X-wing is by far the most talked about game right now.


  • Repeter

    Wow, this ‘slight delay’ has already caused casualties. The group and I will be playing some other stuff, starting this Friday. Once they heard about the delay, each member e-mailed me back, expressing discontent. Like I mentioned above, I am used to this sort of thing-they aren’t. This is one reason the gaming market will always seem amateurish to the interested outsider…crap PR and announcements of false release dates seem to be something only established gamers will accept.

    We may pick it back up in February, if the negative feelings have subsided. I’m not holding my breath, however. At this point, can we even trust February as the release date? In the meantime, I wish miniature/gaming companies would:

    Stop with the release dates…give an estimate, maybe, but specific dates or even months only causes backlash when it turns out to be not true.
    Don’t release the game until the second wave is well into production…while this might be fiscally risky, it isn’t impossible to budget for it. The second wave of stuff should always be nipping at the heels of the initial release.

    • farseer

      or better yet, stop using China! how many game companies need to be burned before they stop sending work there!

      rant over….are they even made in China?

      • farseer

        yup, just looked at the box…”made in china”…..

  • Repeter

    @farseer: You get what you pay for, huh? It might cost less if manufactured in China, but the QC is almost non-existant and it seems to add a bunch of communication hardships. Ah, makes me remember, fondly, the days when the US made stuff.

    • blkdymnd

      Or just do what Paolo Parente has done for Dust and make your home actually in the Hong Kong factory. 2 years, they’ve only had a couple real delays

    • A few of us still make everything in the states, you’ve just gotta look for the smaller companies.

      • Soulfinger

        Good for you! I’m curious how much of a savings sourcing to China really yields these days anyway, particularly once you calculate in all the added expenses from misprints, faulty components, etc. One of the places I deal with is practically across the street from my house. Nothing beats being able to just walk in, go over proofs face-to-face, and get it all done right the first time.

        • Sevej

          Well you should ask FFG. After all, they’re probably the biggest board game company.

  • Sevej

    I suppose Bioshock Infinite and Diablo 3 are made in China too?

    Come on, don’t just generalize things. Panda Studio from China is an excellent boardgame manufacturer, and I’m sure whatever factory FFG is using is at least on par with it. FFG produces games with the best price:content ratio, which will be impossible without China. Production shit happens, and FFG wants to make sure that we receive the quality we deserve. Fine by me.

  • cama

    I guess nobody remembers FFG’s game “Wings of War”? The delays for that game were disgusting. Take initial “release date” and add 6 months, and you had an accurate guess.
    The Star Wars game was really interesting to me, but having picked up every single Wings of War release, I just thought, “this is just another super-delay FFG game – no thanks!”.

  • TylerT

    wings of war was distributed and localized by FFG not produced by them. as for the delay… eh gives me more time to save money and play other stuff.

    • Sevej

      Wings of War producer is crap. They actually went under even with blockbuster titles such as Wings of War and War of the Ring. They make a new company that releases Wings of Glory and WotR 2nd Ed, and I can’t say things run smoothly.

      • cama

        Yeah, I don’t know how Nexus blew it so bad. But Ares seems better. They are at least close on their release dates, usually only out by 30 days. Not terrible.

        • TylerT

          Nexus was a small part of a larger company. things happen, thankfully good games are stronger than bad companies.

  • Sejanus

    Behold the high cost of low price…..delays in manufacturing.
    Seems FFG is missing more deadlines of late.

    I remember Team Manager being pushed back so far I lost all interest.
    Oh and let us not forget Star Wars LCG that still isnt alive yet.

    • Sevej

      They’re not your usual ‘delays’, but complete makeovers. Star Wars LCG was supposed to be co op but changed to competitive. Blood Bowl: Team Manager was supposed to be deco building game (this niche was filled by Rune Age later). And don’t forget Gears of War, which suddenly became co op after several years of hiatus. These games were/are rebuilt from the ground.

  • keltheos

    You buy FFG products, you enjoy FFG products, you get used to delays. That’s the way things go with FFG. Great games, just never expect them released when they state they will be. You will ALWAYS be disappointed.

    • Sevej

      The main problem of FFG games are not in production, but playtesting. It produces expansive games where a lot of situations may come up. Mansions of Madness, for example, is rather broken.

  • cama

    At my local shop, they had the whole first set of box + minis + dice. Picked them all up. Sigh.