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Fantasy Flight Games Announces Fully Operational Sourcebook for Star Wars RPG

One of the main things that separates science fiction from other forms of fiction is technology. Starships. High-tech gadgetry. Laser weapons. Stuff like that. Well, Star Wars is certainly science fiction as it's full of all sorts of technology. And if you want to be the one that can build and repair all that stuff, you'll want to check out the Fully Operational sourcebook coming for the Star Wars RPG from Fantasy Flight Games.

From the announcement:

The Galactic Empire’s iron grip seems insurmountable. The most powerful war machines the galaxy has ever seen are opposed only by a relatively small number of courageous souls. But the bravery of Soldiers and ingenuity of Commanders would be like a gentle breeze against the mightiest trees of Kashyyyk without the tireless work of every Engineer in the Rebel Alliance. Blasters and bombs, starfighters and secret bases, repurposed datapads and rebuilt droids—Engineers transform the noble ideals of the Rebellion into action with every turn of the spanner.

Fantasy Flight Games is excited to announce its next release for the Star Wars™: Age of Rebellion Roleplaying Game™. Fully Operational, the career sourcebook for Engineers, expands the resources available to players and gamemasters alike with new talent specializations, species, potent Signature Abilities, gear, and campaign enhancements perfect for those with a proclivity for tinkering, repairing, and constructing.