Fantasy Flight Games Announces Frankenstahl, a Tannhäuser Miniature

By Polar_Bear
In Fantasy Flight Games
Jul 13th, 2012

Fantasy Flight Games shows off one of the next Tannhauser releases, the Frankenstahl.

From the website:

Fantasy Flight Games is pleased to announce the upcoming release of the Frankenstahl Single Miniature Pack for Tannhäuser! This horrifying expansion includes one beautifully painted figure and accompanying character sheet, a twelve-page rulebook with an all-new scenario, and all the tokens and equipment cards necessary to bring this deadly abomination to your battles.

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  • GS_topcow

    Wow, looks remarkably like the large mini from Incursion, Hans the Hunter

    who also looks remarkably like Bio Shock’s Big Daddy

    Its healthy for FFG to let Tännhauser rest for a bit; it’s a good game and it has definitely grown from all the tweaks anddevelopment FFG gave it, however it was always difficult to understand how the company could go into competition with itself by having both dystopian steampunkish games (Dust).

    Kudos to the Dev team, i’m sure this will be a game for the ages.


    • Bewulf

      Less remarkably if you remember that Bioshock, Incursion and Tannhäuser Field Ops (which already features the Frankenstahl) came out at about the same time. So it appears that giant diver men where just the craze around then. 😉

  • blkdymnd

    Well, they are completely different. Tannhauser is a (badly) prepainted skirmish board game. Dust is an unprepainted (basecoated) unit board game that is very loosely a board game and really more a full miniatures game. If FFG would ever add the Dust license to the Tannhauser system, it would be the perfect compliment.

  • Haibane

    Have to say I’m heartily sick of the tiny images used on the FFG website. They could at least make them larger when clicked – can hardly see the product they’re trying to sell me!!!