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Fantasy Flight Games Announces Forged In Battle Book for Star Wars RPG

The Star Wars universe is a rather violent place. I mean, it's Star Wars, not Star Gardening Club. As such, the characters you play in the RPG are probably going to be getting into battles on a regular basis. You're going to need every advantage possible to make it out of the galactic civil war alive and have your side win. To help out with that, Fantasy Flight Games is coming out with the Forged in Battle sourcebook.

The new book will be 96 pages long and filled with brand new items to take the fight to your opponent. Need a new blaster? There's a bunch of varieties. How about armor? There's even some that will actually do something (compared to Stormtrooper armor). Want to cruise around the battlefield in style? There's various new vehicles you can get behind the wheel of. Along with all that, there's new character races, specializations, and signature abilities for your characters. You can create a battle-hardened veteran even before the first session begins.

Expect the book on shelves this fall.