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Fantasy Flight Games Announces Enemies Beyond book for Dark Heresy

The Empire just can't catch a break. There's Luke and the Rebellion going around, amassing near Sullust and... oh, wait... wrong empire. I'll start again.
The Empire just can't catch a break. There's all sorts of aliens trying to encroach on their territory. There's heretics showing up in the hive cities. And then, of course, there's Chaos trying to tear all of reality apart. Fantasy Flight's latest book for Dark Heresy explores that last one. They've just announced Enemies Beyond.

This book lets you become part of the Ordo Malleus and take on the various demons of the warp in your quest to save the Empire of Man, and all of reality, from being overrun. Your victories will never be sung about in the streets, as the majority of humanity must never even know what the Warp really is, lest they go mad, but you still must do your job. For what you must study in order to stay ahead, you would be branded a heretic in any other part of civilization. But I'm sure you'll be fine. Your soul certainly won't be shredded and consumed forever and be tormented for all eternity... right?

Expect the book to hit shelves the first quarter of 2016.