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Fantasy Flight Games Announces Cyphers and Masks Sourcebook for Star Wars RPG

In any fantasy RPG, someone's almost always going to pick the rogue to play. You know, they want to be sneaky, staying in the shadows, picking locks, stealing pants off of unwitting bar patrons, backstabbing with a ballista... That kind of thing. Players that like that kind of character can sometimes feel that a sci-fi setting doesn't always give them the same options. Well, Fantasy Flight is looking to help with that, as they're coming out with the Cyphers and Masks sourcebook for the Star Wars RPG.

From the announcement:

Far from the battlefields of Hoth and the skies of Yavin, the Rebellion is waging a secret war. While it is not completely free of bloodshed, this war is fought primarily with information, deception, and lies. The spies of the Rebellion infiltrate every facet of Imperial life, working alone or in teams to accomplish feats a traditional soldier could never hope to perform. An imposter at court can sow discord among a feudal planet’s noble houses. A disguised assassin can silence a critical Imperial mouthpiece. An overheard conversation can warn of danger and save the lives of thousands of Rebels. A single data drive can reveal the secret to bringing the Emperor’s greatest achievement to ruin.

Fantasy Flight Games is proud to announce Cyphers and Masks, a new sourcebook for Spies for the Star Wars™: Age of Rebellion Roleplaying Game. This 96-page rules supplement comes well stocked with options for players and gamemasters to introduce and enhance the contribution of the clandestine arts in their campaigns.

You can expect to see this book on store shelves in Q4 of this year.