Fantasy Flight Games Announces Companion App for Descent

Have you ever gotten together with friends for a gaming night and had some people want to RP and some people want to play a board game? I've had that sort of thing happen before. Usually, the compromise will come in the form of playing an adventure board game that has elements of RP built right into it, such as Descent. Though sometimes finding someone to play the Overlord can be rough. Well, that won't be too much of an issue soon, as Fantasy Flight Games has announced a companion app for Descent.

So with the addition of the app, you can turn Descent into a fully-cooperative experience. No longer does one player get singled out to play the "bad guy." I mean, sure, sometimes that's cool, but it can also feel like it's all-against-one. The app will also change how you play in other ways, since it builds the dungeon as you go. So you're never totally sure what could be coming up next. It will also help with the campaign aspect of the game, showing the progression of your heroes as they gain experience, gear, and treasure.

The app's release isn't far away. Just a couple weeks and you'll be able to download it.

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