Fantasy Flight Games announces Android: NetRunner

By Polar_Bear
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May 10th, 2012

Ok, this one has some extra personal draw for me, as NetRunner was one of my very first forays into the gaming world. I still have my decks within arm’s reach and so when I saw this, I just had to post it.

From the update:

Fantasy Flight Games is proud to announce the upcoming release of Android: Netrunner! Originally designed by Richard Garfield and released in 1996, Netrunner was widely hailed as one of the greatest customizable card games of its era. Now, with Android: Netrunner, players can look forward to revisiting the game’s exciting play… or experiencing it for the first time.

Android: Netrunner is an asymmetrical Living Card Game™ for two players. Set in the cyberpunk future of Android, the game pits a megacorporation and its massive resources against the subversive talents of lone runners. Corporation players try to score points by advancing their agendas, and netrunners try to score points by breaking through the corporation’s defenses and stealing valuable data. The first player to seven points wins the game, but not likely before he suffers some brain damage or bad publicity.

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  • This is awesome! I know it’s asking too much but I hope thy have the same backing.. I still have my old cards and would love for them to be interchangeable.

    • odinsgrandson

      If they’re even the same size, we can get card protectors to homogenize the backing.

      Great news. I too loved Netrunner back in the day. I haven’t been following Fantasy Flight very much- what is a Living Card Game as opposed to a CCG?

      • Soulfinger

        No blind purchases with a Living Card Game, if I recall. You get all of the cards whenever you buy a set or supplement, not a random assortment like with a CCG. So a card game with no trading/collecting element.

        • Grindar

          All expansions have set cards in them and are produced on a regular schedule. Most of the LCGs by FFG have moved to a 60 card pack, 3 each of 20 cards (3 being the number limit in each deck). Helps keep the card pool consistent and affordable…There’s no rare chasing.

    • Urlock Gaur

      I’d put money on the backing being different. It would have to have the “Android” on it and the lettering in the logo is completely different also. It also seems that they are avoiding the purple and green color combination.

      No soup for you!

  • Cherno

    All artwork would be subject to licensing issues, and I doubt that FFG has permission to use all old Netrunner art for the new game.

    That being said, I raise my glass to FFG for bringing us wonderful games again and again!

  • Zombie_Taco

    Never heard of this game before, but with everyone’s excitement I feel I must try this out.

    • Urlock Gaur

      Basically a card game based on Cyberpunk themes such as the writings of William Gibson.

    • It’s a combination of the literal with the abstract..
      You get things like Urban Renewal (bombing someone’s apartment) vs breaking through firewalls and fighting viruses or things like propaganda etc. It’s a lot like the movie Johnny Mnemonic.

      • Urlock Gaur

        Um, no. Johnny Mnemonic was an awful movie based on a William Gibson shirt story. This game should be much better. Only redeeming quality of that movie was the soundtrack.

        • So you’re telling me that the quality of the film has some kind of bearing in the similarities of the types of actions? Both feature a corporation going after the people who are trying to get the data plus a number of similar specific concepts.

    • Talarius

      The coolest thing about this game is the asynchronous gameplay and how the mechanics of each player’s role really reinforces the theme. The Corporation player is trying to set up all kinds of firewall defenses to keep out the Runner, while advancing his/her Agendas. The Runner is trying to put together an assortment of effective tools to hack into the Corporation’s HQ and steal their data. It’s really an ingenious design.

      One thing:
      Netrunner never had a limit on copies of a card in your deck. You could take 30-40 of the same card if you really wanted to, so the LCG format might not work 100% in this case, assuming they haven’t touched the rules (and they’d better not!)

  • Really really cool. I loved NetRunner, and an LCG of it is just icing on the cake. Go FFG go!

  • GS_topcow

    i know a dude that must be having hipster seizures, he’ll love to have the game available, but he’ll hate the fact that it was big bad ffg and not kickstarter who brought it back for him…he heh heh.

    kudos to FFG for making games of this sort into the brilliant LCG format(in which deck building is about skill and clever use of resources, as opposed to inflated and depleted wallets) and, looking forward to it…now, have you heard of vampire:the masquerade (jyhad)m that could benefit from LCG status as well… just saying