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Fantasy Flight Games Announces Android: Mainframe

I love NetRunner. Way back in the day, it was the 2nd card game I'd ever played (the first being Magic: The Gathering). I love the asymmetrical gameplay. I loved the bluffing. I loved everything about it. Unfortunately, it was rather short-lived. However, it got a new lease on life when Fantasy Flight Games started making it again. Well, Fantasy Flight is bringing out a new game based on the Android world. They're calling it Mainframe.

Titan Transnational Bank has had their security on their servers compromised. Obviously, the information therein could be worth untold amounts of money. All you have to do is go in and get it. You're a Runner and your job is to hack into computer systems and steal whatever information you can. However, you're not the only one, and the information is only good if only one person has it. So each of you must try and get what you can while locking out your opponents. Establish connections and siphon off information while subverting your opponent's moves.

You can expect to see this new game on store shelves in the second quarter of this year.