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Fantasy Flight Game Announces Return To Hoth Expansion for Imperial Assault

Empire Strikes Back is my favorite of the Star Wars movies. Particularly, the sections on Hoth are my favorite. I absolutely love the Imperial invasion scenes. Pretty awesome stuff. Well, now that Fantasy Flight Games has taken us back to Tattooine with Twin Shadows, they're now headed back to Hoth in the Return to Hoth expansion for Imperial Assault.

There will be a lot of new game to keep you occupied for a while with this set. It will bring in thirty-seven new double-sided tiles, sixteen sculpted plastic minis, new Agenda cards, class cards, deployment cards, item cards, mission cards, and supply cards... plus tokens (because, you know, FFG).

The "big box" expansion is just the start, as there will be four new Ally and Villain packs that coincide with the events in the Return to Hoth set.

As the temperature starts to drop outside, you can expect to see Return to Hoth hitting game store shelves (that is to say it will be available 4th quarter 2015).