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Fantasy Flight announces Nexus Ops

Fantasy Flight Games announce Nexus Ops, a board game of fierce battles and fantastic aliens.

From their announcment:

Fantasy Flight Games is thrilled to announce the upcoming release of Nexus Ops, a frenzied board game of fierce battles and fantastic alien creatures! Two to four players race to control rubium-producing spaces on a randomly built board made up of modular, hexagonal tiles. Only by spending precious rubium to raise an army of indigenous beasts will a faction have the firepower to defend its claim, as players clash in a series of quick, dice-based skirmishes at key strategic locations. With a modular map that changes every time and a host of possible strategies based on the moon’s many terrains, no two games of Nexus Ops will ever be the same.

Build your battleground

While its tense and aggressive play experience is entirely unchanged, players familiar with the classic edition of Nexus Ops will notice several engaging optional rules variants (as well as a few significant cosmetic differences) in our version.

First, this new edition of Nexus Ops includes a range of optional rules, including King of the Hill mode, the deadly Vortex, and even a full set of alternate unit powers! King of the Hill mode turns the monolith, the board’s highly coveted central hex, into a clear path to victory. This added incentive ensures that every game is a race toward this battle-scarred location, with players gambling entire armies in make-or-break attacks to wrestle away its control. And in Vortex mode, the monolith is replaced with a swirling storm of death, capable of pulling in entire armies and flinging them into new regions! While this instant (if unpredictable) transport can often be helpful, it can just as often be deadly; countless troops have been pulled into the spinning vortex, never to be seen again. Want even more variety? Try Nexus Ops’ alternate unit abilities, which offer new strategic challenges and a totally unique play experience!

Second, we opted for opaque plastic components rather than the familiar translucent plastic of the previous edition. Why did we make this decision? With our new figures, we were able to achieve an intricate level of component detail that fully conveys the fantastic alien appearance of Nexus Ops’ bizarre and exotic creatures. Translucent plastic would simply not have accentuated the fine detail of these masterful sculpts. We’re confident that when you see the final results, you’ll agree that we made the right choice.