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Fantasy Flight Announces Heroes of Terrinoth Card Game

Those dungeons aren't going to delve themselves. Those goblins aren't going to just stop raiding the local towns. Those monsters aren't just going to decide they don't want to smash everything in existence. Those evil wizards aren't going to suddenly decide to not take over the world. That's why Terrinoth needs heroes. And that's just what you'll become in Heroes of Terrinoth, a new cooperative card game coming from Fantasy Flight Games.

From the announcement:

Terrinoth needs champions.

An ancient Bloodguard sows discord in the Free Cities, the dead rise from their graves in the Mistlands, and the realm turns its eyes to you in search of a savior. Here, you have the chance to embody one of Terrinoth’s greatest heroes and venture into the depths of treacherous dungeons to confront the dangers that lurk beyond the reaches of the light. You'll battle terrible monsters, discover untold riches, and earn fame and fortune throughout the realm. The danger is great, but the adventure of a lifetime awaits!

Fantasy Flight Games is proud to announce Heroes of Terrinoth, now available for pre-order at your local retailer or online through our website!