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Fantasy Flight Announces a New Hero and Monster Collection for Descent

The lengths some people go in order to be lazy sometimes astound me. Take the case of Devis the mad sorcerer. He created a whole race of minions who were totally loyal to him, so he never had to change the channel or vacuum the apartment or even order out for pizza ever again. It was all done for him. I guess... y'know... he could've also... like... taken over the world. It's that last bit that caused a group of heroes to defeat Devis and his minions once and for all...
Though we all know that's basically never the case in a fantasy world. That's where the Stewards of the Secret expansion pack comes in for Descent from Fantasy Flight Games.

The set comes with fourteen minis. There's four heroes and ten monsters (broken up into three blood apes, three nagas, and four ferrox). Long-time players might remember them from the first edition of the game. They are now being re-introduced back into the game with updated artwork and sculpts. And like most FFG expansion packs, there's extra quests to supplement your games of Descent.

You can expect these to hit store shelves early in 2016.